Come to Les Suites Orient on the Bund for the brand new set lunch. Chef Allan will present the FORMOSE LUNCH SET, only 98RMB+15% service charge (choose two from Eight main dishes, two pickles, rice, fresh fruits salads and Chef soup).And the FORMOSE BEEF NOODLES SET, only 88RMB+15 %service charge. Come and try!

Eight Main Dishes:

Deep-fried Shrimp Rolls
Stir-fried smoked pork with Broccoli
Pork Ball In Soup Pot
Stewed Chicken with Three Cups Sauce
Fried Silver Cods In Fermented Blank Bean
Orient Curry
Hakka Fried Dish
Sauteed Pork and Squid with Dried Turnip and Garlic
Deep-fried Pork Chop
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